Scams & Hoax - Savant Energy Power Networks
Frequently Asked Questions


Does SEPN ask for my personal information via email?

SEPN will never email you asking for personal or credit card information – especially if it is via a website link. Similarly, if you receive a phone call offering a heavy discount on your energy bill or threatening to disconnect you if you do not supply your credit card information you can be certain that this is a scam.

How do I recognise that an email is not really from SEPN?

Firstly, SEPN will never ask for your personal information via email. Other ways that hoax emails can often be identified include:

– Strange grammar or bad spelling

– Links to websites that aren’t what you’d expect

– Offers that are ‘urgent’

– Emails that have attachments

However, keep in mind that hoax emails can be well-written and persuasive. Ultimately, if the email is asking for your personal information, ignore it.

Will SEPN ever ask for my payment details over email?

No, SEPN will never ask for your payment details via email. You should only update your account information with an authorised SEPN Customer Care representative over the phone. If you receive a suspicious email, please call (08) 7009 4555.


How do phishing or hoax activities operate?

Often, the way that scams operate involves you being contacted by an individual or company illegally representing that they are from SEPN. They may try to gain your personal information by falsely advising:

– Your SEPN energy bill is overdue and ask you for credit card or bank account details or you will be disconnected.

– You have been overcharged and we need your credit card in order to refund you.

These are just two examples. If you receive a phone call or email similar to above, requiring financial information, please ignore it.

Remember, SEPN never send emails asking for personal banking or financial details.

If you have provided your details via a website or over the phone, and believe you may have been a victim of fraud, please contact your financial institution immediately.

Phone call

How do I know the person on the phone is not from SEPN?

– If the person claiming to call on our behalf threatens disconnection of your service unless you provide your credit card details

– If you are being offered a massive discount on your bill in exchange for your credit card information

We will never ‘cold-call’ you asking for your personal details in exchange for tempting-sounding discounts, or threaten you with disconnection if you don’t give us your credit card number. You should hang up on anyone who does.

What should I do if I suspect I have been a victim of this kind of hoax?

If you have already provided your personal information over the phone, or if you have entered it via a website, you may be a victim of a hoax. This is fraud, and you should contact your financial institution immediately.

If you have any concerns or you are unsure if you have been targeted, please contact us for further advice.

Report scam

Where can I find out more information about scams, or report one?

SCAMwatch is a website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). SCAMwatch provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams. Visit them at